Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all. May all your dreams come true x


Trying to get a Book Deal

So I kind of almost finished my second novel and tried again to get an agent. I sent off the first three chapters and the synopsis and cover letter as advised by all the sites. I chose the agents from the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook. Yet again I failed to get any interest.

I did think this novel was better than my first one. I wrote the most powerful opening I could manage but still not a spark of interest. I tried to be more commercial and fit into a genre. Yet again I failed. The rejection letters are generic and just mention the huge amount of submissions they get. I realise I am wasting my time.

It is hard to keep positive in this situation especially as the British winter has set in with its usual viciousness and we have nothing but damp and cold. I am fighting off my depression like St George with the dragon.

I now don’t know what to do. I could try rewriting my novel completely or I could tart it up a bit and self-publish.

I don’t think if I keep reworking it that it will ever be finished.

So here I am again.

Going on.

Yogi Cameron The One Plan Weeks 7. and 8 Review

These two weeks are about conserving your sexual energy in order to be more spiritual. As I am not so much interested in sex these days this is easy for me. Other than that it is the usual eating a healthy vegetarian diet.

I have been doing quite well eating a vegetarian diet which is mostly healthy. I have been doing lots of exercise: yoga, HIIT and weight training. My muscles have been aching but I have enjoyed it and I have more energy. I have cheated a few days having naughty foods and wine on the weekends. I need more willpower. I have been quite productive working on my MSc and sending my novel off to agents. I have sent my book off to an editor. I have now started my third novel.

I went to a meditation class at the Norwich Buddhist Centre for the first time ever. I really enjoyed it and it has given me more motivation to continue my practice. 

I don’t feel wholly well yet but I feel I am taking baby steps to wellness. 

New novel: Syria – A Woman’s Tale

I have finally finished my second novel. It’s title is : Syria – A Woman’s Tale. It’s about a girl called Molly from Manchester who goes to Syria to find her husband who she suspects has joined ISIS.  It’s taken me a long time to write as I kept breaking off to do other things. It still needs some tweaking. So now I have the decision of what to do with it. I could attempt to get a deal or I could self-publish again.  I am still deciding.  I would love a proper publisher this time.  Here’s hoping.

Yogi Cameron The One Plan Day 28 Monthly review

Weight 63.8 kg Weight gain

Breakfast: apple

Lunch: vegetarian curry with rice

Snack: dairy free Victoria sponge

Dinner: none

Meditation 20 mins

Exercise: yoga 30 mins, dog walking 1 hour

So I have been doing The One Plan for a month now. I have not kept to it strictly. I have cheated a lot. I have cut out alcohol, caffeine, meat, fish, milk, yoghurt and cheese. That’ s quite a bit. I have upped my exercise. I do feel more alert and I have more energy. I am still not fully well. I am sure my energy levels are not at normal levels and I still sometimes have low mood. In general I am happier though. I am not as productive as I would like to be. SoI have a long way to go but I see chinks of light. I haven’t lost any weight overall so I have to work on reducing calories. I have started to catch my negative thoughts and change them. Meditation has helped me feel calm. I have worked on honesty. I feel spiritual and that I am living ethically. Today was a lovely day out in Cambridge where I went to the Degas exhibition. I felt very tired afterwards. I am healing. I have to keep it up. 

Yogi Cameron The One Plan Day 27

Weight: 60.7 kg. Significant weight loss

Breakfast: tropical fruit smoothie with almond milk

Lunch: vegetable soup

Dinner: cheese and onion pasty and fried potatoes

Meditation: 20 minutes

Exercise: 30 mins yoga, 30 mins weight training, 1 hour dog walk

Very pleased that my weight is finally going down. Started off with good food choices but dinner was not so good as I was out in town. My local town depresses me a little. Had my first group therapy CBT session for depression. Mixed feelings about it. Mood was medium. Did not get any work done which makes me cross with myself. Must try harder.

Yogi Cameron The One Plan Day 26

Weight: 63 kg

Breakfast: tropical fruit smoothie with almond milk

Lunch: bean chilli with courgettes and rice

Dinner: two pieces of dark chocolate

Exercise: 30 mins yoga, 30 mins weight training Short cut to Shred, dog walking 1 hour

Meditation: 20 mins

Mood pretty good. Energy medium. 

Quite a productive day. Did quite a bit of Open University work. I feel frustrated at my lack of weight loss as I am averaging less than 1000 calories a day. The diet is carby but being vegan how can it be anything less? I feel calm. On the whole I think I have improved mentally a lot. My meditation is improving. On watching a video by a Tibetan monk I have learned you should meditate with your eyes open. Getting better with baby steps. Still proud of being caffeine and alcohol free.

Yogi Cameron The One Plan Day 25

Weight: 62.3 kg

Breakfast: avocado, fried tomatoes, fried mushrooms in olive oil

Lunch: Thai Green curry with tofu and basmati rice

Dinner: one piece dark chocolate

Exercise: yoga 30 mins, weight training Short cut to Shred 30 mins, dog walking 1 hour

Felt good today. Quite energised. Lots of exercise achieved. Fairly productive in the afternoon working on my psychology postgrad. Tried hard to cut my food intake down. Mood was reasonably good. Diet all vegan.

Yogi Cameron The One Plan Day 24

Weight: 63.2 kg Slight weight loss

Breakfast: almond milk, banana, cocoa powder, honey

Lunch: nut roast, broccoli, roast potatoes

Dinner: fried potatoes, carrot cake

Exercise: weight training 30 mins, walking 2 hours

Meditation: 20 mins

My husband decided I need to add weight training into my exercise regime so I started Short cut to Shred. Now I am aching all over. I also went to the beach for a long dog walk. I am proud I was predominantly vegan today apart from the honey.I started off with the best of intentions not to eat too much but I did. 

The theme is honesty. I haven’t told any lies this week but then I haven’t had much occasion to. I need to learn to be honest with myself. What do I really want? I am not sure I even know. I need to find fulfilling work. I have started to move towards this with my courses. I need to improve my relationship. I am at a loss at how to do this. I also would like some real friends but not fake ones. This is also tricky. I should join things but the right things. 

My energy has improved considerably and my mood is good. I am virtually a teetotal vegan. Who would ever have thought it?