Yogi Cameron The One Plan Day 22

Weight: 63.2  kg 

Breakfast: fried egg 4 slices toast with butter

Lunch: tempeh ribs, sweetcorn, vegan coleslaw, vegan potato salad, mini doughnuts with dipping sauce

Dinner: none

Exercise: 30 mins yoga, 20 mins HIT routine, walking 1 hour

Meditation: 20 mins

Back on the straight and narrow today kind of. I had a day out in Norwich so lunch was at a vegan restaurant called The Tipsy Vegan. Felt very holy and then ruined it all by having doughnuts for dessert. Then a trip to the cinema to see Bladerunner 2049 which was very good. I felt happy today which for me is a big thing. I had no alcohol nor caffeine. 


Yogi Cameron The One Plan Day 20

Weight: 64 kg

Breakfast: tropical fruit smoothie with almond milk

Lunch: carrot and butter bean soup with two slices of wholemeal bread and butter

Dinner: two cup cakes

Exercise: 30 mins yoga, 20 mins circuits, 1 hour dog walk

Meditation: 20 mins

Still making bad food choices. Sigh. Not a very productive day. Baked a cake for my dog’s birthday. Watched a film. Went shopping. Felt quite irritable.

Yogi Cameron The One Plan Day 19

Weight: 63.5 kg

Breakfast: berry smoothie with almond milk

Lunch: Carrot and butter bean soup. Two slices of homemade wholemeal bread and butter

Dinner: vegetable quiche, salad, cupcake

Exercise: 30 mins yoga, 20 mins HIT routine, dog walking 1 hour

Meditation: 20 mins

Mood medium. I feel like my energy levels are improving. I went to the Alpha course in the evening so had to have the meal. Social events are really difficult for dieting. I have eaten too much yet again. I still feel proud of myself for giving up caffeine and alcohol. It is strange that the physical withdrawal from caffeine was so hard and yet there are no physical symptoms from the withdrawal from alcohol. It shows I was only psychologically addicted, not physically. I had quite a productive day and did quite a bit of university work. I also managed some gardening and planted pansies in my pots at the front of the house. The weather was fine which made dog walking a pleasure. There are lots of mushrooms growing in the lanes. The Alpha Course made me think a lot about Christianity and spirituality. There are lots of people with painful pasts there. I am not alone.

Day 18 Yogi Cameron The One Plan

Weight: 63.3.kg. Tiny weight loss

Breakfast: two slices wholemeal toast and butter

Lunch: vegetable curry, peshwari naan, pineapple juice

Dinner: none

Exercise: yoga 30 mins, HIT routine 20 mins, dog walking 1 hour

Meditation: 20 mins

The theme for these two weeks is truthfulness. I am pretty truthful these days. I have lied sometimes in the past often to impress people or to fit in. That part of my life is over. It’s better psychologically to be honest. In the past I have been in trouble for being too honest. I have a tendency to say what I think which gets me into trouble. 

My mood was pretty good particularly after the exercise. I went out unexpectedly with my husband for lunch. I had a huge veggie curry so it was pretty calorific. I managed some gardening and a walk around town. Feeling better.

Yogi Cameron The One Plan Day 17

Weight: 63.5 kg Tiny weight loss

Breakfast: strawberry smoothie

Lunch: squash risotto

Dinner: baked potato, butter

No exercise other than dog ealking

Sunday. Day of rest. Mood: lowish. I find myself bursting into tears over small things. Really enjoyed making the risotto which was delish. Bought plants for Autumn colour. Lots of reading and tele watching. Energy ran out in the afternoon. I am not cured yet.

Yogi Cameron The One Plan Day 16

Weight: 63.7 kg Tiny weight loss

Breakfast: strawberries, oatmeal, flax seeds, chia seeds, almond milk

Lunch: Subway Veggie Delite

Dinner: vegetarian lasagne, salad

Exercise: yoga 30 mins. Circuits 15 mins Dog walking 1 hour

I spent the morning leafleting for the Labour Party. It was really hard to get anything suitable when I was out and about so I ended up in Subway. The sandwich had cheese in it which I had been trying to avoid. I had medium energy levels but felt quite tired in the evening. Felt calm and unphased by anything. Mood medium.

Day 15 Yogi Cameron The One Plan

Weight: 64 kg

I have been following this plan for two weeks. I haven’t lost any weight which I am very disappointed in. I am just going to have to cut my calories right down. Today I felt slightly strange. A bit spacey. I am not sure what is causing this.

The next block is all about honesty. I am thinking about being honest in all I do.

Breakfast: avocado, extra virgin olive oil

Lunch: two bowls of lentil and vegetable soup

Dinner: marinated tofu

Meditation: 15 mins

Yoga: 20 mins

Circuits: 15 mins

Dog walking: 1 hour

Pretty pleased with my food choices today.

The weather was rainy I managed a lot of housework and a grocery trip. Mood was lowish as was energy. 

Yogi Cameron The One Plan Day 14

Weight: 63.3 kg No weight loss

Breakfast: fried egg on toast

Lunch: lentil and vegetable soup home made one slice white bread

Dinner: tortilla chips

Exercise: 30 mins yoga, circuits 15 mins, dog walking 1 hour

Meditation: 15 mins

Not very healthy choices today. Still proud of my no alcohol. I am stimulant free. Now I need to work on my bread addiction. Did quite a lot of work on my MSc so fairly productive. I need to ramp up the work rate. I still need to find an income from somewhere. Feeling slightly intimidated by my MSc. The weather is autumnal but warm. I love the atmosphere in the mornings with the morning mist. I like the birdsong. I feel calm. I still feel like I don’t have normal energy levels. So I have finished the first two week block. It has been tough but worth it. I do feel better than when I started. 

Yogi Cameron The One Plan Day 13

Weight: 63.2 kg Finally some weight loss

Breakfast: Fried tomatoes, mushroom and banana

Lunch: bean chilli and baked potato, butter

Dinner: homemade bread and butter 2 slices

Exercise: yoga 30 mins, 10 burpees, 20 mountain climbers, dog walk 2 hours

Meditation: 15 minutes

Well I am really pleased there is finally some weight loss. I had quite a lot of energy today. Got up early at six. I walked to the next village to buy some eggs from a house stall and it took me longer than I thought. It was enjoyable though. There were lots of crows in the fields. I felt calm. My mood was pretty reasonable. I did a lot of work on my MSc so it was productive. I was doing quite well with the food until I made some bread for my husband and then had two slices when it was ready. Ah well. I am still alcohol and caffeine free. By jove I think it’s working.