Yogi Cameron The One Plan Day 28 Monthly review

Weight 63.8 kg Weight gain

Breakfast: apple

Lunch: vegetarian curry with rice

Snack: dairy free Victoria sponge

Dinner: none

Meditation 20 mins

Exercise: yoga 30 mins, dog walking 1 hour

So I have been doing The One Plan for a month now. I have not kept to it strictly. I have cheated a lot. I have cut out alcohol, caffeine, meat, fish, milk, yoghurt and cheese. That’ s quite a bit. I have upped my exercise. I do feel more alert and I have more energy. I am still not fully well. I am sure my energy levels are not at normal levels and I still sometimes have low mood. In general I am happier though. I am not as productive as I would like to be. SoI have a long way to go but I see chinks of light. I haven’t lost any weight overall so I have to work on reducing calories. I have started to catch my negative thoughts and change them. Meditation has helped me feel calm. I have worked on honesty. I feel spiritual and that I am living ethically. Today was a lovely day out in Cambridge where I went to the Degas exhibition. I felt very tired afterwards. I am healing. I have to keep it up. 


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