Day 15 Yogi Cameron The One Plan

Weight: 64 kg

I have been following this plan for two weeks. I haven’t lost any weight which I am very disappointed in. I am just going to have to cut my calories right down. Today I felt slightly strange. A bit spacey. I am not sure what is causing this.

The next block is all about honesty. I am thinking about being honest in all I do.

Breakfast: avocado, extra virgin olive oil

Lunch: two bowls of lentil and vegetable soup

Dinner: marinated tofu

Meditation: 15 mins

Yoga: 20 mins

Circuits: 15 mins

Dog walking: 1 hour

Pretty pleased with my food choices today.

The weather was rainy I managed a lot of housework and a grocery trip. Mood was lowish as was energy. 


Yogi Cameron The One Plan Day 14

Weight: 63.3 kg No weight loss

Breakfast: fried egg on toast

Lunch: lentil and vegetable soup home made one slice white bread

Dinner: tortilla chips

Exercise: 30 mins yoga, circuits 15 mins, dog walking 1 hour

Meditation: 15 mins

Not very healthy choices today. Still proud of my no alcohol. I am stimulant free. Now I need to work on my bread addiction. Did quite a lot of work on my MSc so fairly productive. I need to ramp up the work rate. I still need to find an income from somewhere. Feeling slightly intimidated by my MSc. The weather is autumnal but warm. I love the atmosphere in the mornings with the morning mist. I like the birdsong. I feel calm. I still feel like I don’t have normal energy levels. So I have finished the first two week block. It has been tough but worth it. I do feel better than when I started. 

Yogi Cameron The One Plan Day 13

Weight: 63.2 kg Finally some weight loss

Breakfast: Fried tomatoes, mushroom and banana

Lunch: bean chilli and baked potato, butter

Dinner: homemade bread and butter 2 slices

Exercise: yoga 30 mins, 10 burpees, 20 mountain climbers, dog walk 2 hours

Meditation: 15 minutes

Well I am really pleased there is finally some weight loss. I had quite a lot of energy today. Got up early at six. I walked to the next village to buy some eggs from a house stall and it took me longer than I thought. It was enjoyable though. There were lots of crows in the fields. I felt calm. My mood was pretty reasonable. I did a lot of work on my MSc so it was productive. I was doing quite well with the food until I made some bread for my husband and then had two slices when it was ready. Ah well. I am still alcohol and caffeine free. By jove I think it’s working.

Yogi Cameron Diet Day 12

Weight: 63.8 kg Tiny weight loss

Breakfast: porridge with berries

Lunch: salad – lettuce, mushrooms, tomatoes, tofu with mayonnaise. Mayonnaise was a bit naughty.

Dinner: apple

Exercise: yoga 30 mins, 10 burpees, 20 mountain climbers, dog walking 1hour
I had a reasonable amount of energy today. I got a lot of study done and novel writing. I even managed some gardening. My mood was pretty medium. I felt peaceful. This is the second day without alcohol. My mind felt clear. I am building up to making more difficult decisions. I have made so many mistakes in the past but I can make better ones for the future.

Yogi Cameron Diet Day 11

Weight: 64 kg

Breakfast: porridge, honey

Lunch: courgette curry, basmati rice

Dinner: none

Exercise: yoga 30 mins, dog walking 2 hours, 10 burpees, 20 mountain climbers

Meditation: 15 mins

I feel better today than I have since I started the diet. My caffeine withdrawal symptoms have all gone.  I have no weight loss so today I have cut my calories considerably. I didn’t use oil in my curry. I still got tired easily but I managed a lot of exercise. What I need is a routine for more productivity. Feeling hopeful.

Yogi Cameron Diet Day 10

Weight: 64.1 kg No weight loss. I am becoming exasperated. I think I am eating healthily and low calorie but it’s not enough. I shall have to be ever more draconian.

Breakfast: fried egg, two slices of sourdough bread

Lunch: nut roast, roast potatoes, broccoli

Dinnner: two boiled eggs


So it’s Sunday today so I don’t do exercise. Total rest day. I did do dog walking for an hour but that’s it. I have eaten too much. Next week my plan is to cut the wine out completely. Then I will be free of stimulants. I woke up in the night again with the same headaches and leg aches. My legs were still aching in the morning. Ibuprofen is my new best friend. This caffeine withdrawal is going on for longer than I hoped. I still feel tired and have no energy. There isn’t much improvement so far. I must be patient. As far as the Yogi Cameron ethos goes I have not eaten meat or fish and I haven’t had processed food or caffeine. This is an achievement. I have been eating my main meal at lunch time instead of evening. This is all in keeping with his principles. The next big push is the alcohol. I know I have been self medicating to bear the pain of the caffeine withdrawal. I have had crazy nightmares. I really hope to feel better soon. I was lazy and watche politics and a French film. It was beautiful sunshine today so the walk was lovely. I hope I am stronger soon. There are so many things I want to do. I feel like an elderly person who needs to be pushed around in a bath chair and covered in a plaid rug. Please God can I have my energy back.

Yogi Cameron Diet Day 9

Weight: 63.9 kg

Breakfast: boiled egg. Tangerine.

Lunch: Chickpea curry and rice.

Dinner: none.

Red wine.

Exercise: yoga 30 minutes. HIT training 10 mins. Dog walking 1 hour.

Meditation: 15 minutes.

I had a restless night and woke up feeling like my head was literally on fire. I had an ibuprofen to calm it down. My legs are still aching. My thought is when is this caffeine withdrawal going to end. I had quite a productive day and managed to do my Psychology course and some novel writing. I think I might have turned a corner. I upped the exercise and included burpees and mountain climbers. The burpees made me dizzy. I managed some housework and a visit to the shop. For me this is very busy. I am quite pleased though desperate for the leg cramps to go. I made my curry today without oil as I was thinking maybe that’s what makes me fat.  So I think I have been pretty healthy. I am desperately trying not to dwell on the past but to live in the moment. It’s very Autumnal outside though today there was some sunshine.  I have some very ripe apples in the garden which I need to pick. The blackberries seem to be past their best now.  My new herb garden seems to be going well and the birds are visiting the feeder and eating voraciously. I feel calm.

Yogi Cameron Diet Day 8

Weight 64.3 kg. No weight loss.

Breakfast: fried egg. Three slices of ciabatta

Lunch: bean chilli and rice

Dinner: none.

glass of wine

Exercise: yoga and dog walking hour and a half

Meditation and mindfulness: 20 mins

So I have been at it a week. On the positive side I have managed no caffeine. I have had horrible withdrawal symptoms but I am hoping in the end for greater mental clarity and less tiredness. I have not felt good and I have not lost any weight. I ate healthy, wholesome food all home made. I think I may have too much fruit and honey in my diet so I will have to change things next week. I have felt calm and not had any anger. I have had feelings of sadness. I still feel tired. So the first week has not been a miracle cure but I am going to hang in there in the hope of results. Next week I will need to jack in the alcohol.

Yogi Cameron Diet Day 7

Weight: 64.5 kg Weight has gone up again. Disappointed as was so good yesterday.

Breakfast: tangerine

Lunch: sweetcorn with butter and ciabatta

Dinner: fried potatoes red wine

Snacks: cake, ciabatta

Exercise: dog walking 2 hours yoga 30 minutes

Meditation: 15 minutes

Really annoyed with myself today. Went to the coast so had a cake in a cafe which I didn’t need to. Need to rethink what I am eating and be much stricter. Only positive is I still have not had caffeine. Had a restless night’ s sleep with massive leg cramps. They went away in the day but came back in the evening. When will they end? Mood was lmedium. I enjoyed the sea air. Social interaction with people in the cafe and with husband. The walking was very good.

Yogi Cameron Diet Day 6

Weight: 64 kg. I am kind of amazed I am still the same weight after my blow out yesterday.

Breakfast: berry smoothie with soy milk

Lunch: Chinese stir fried vegetables

Dinner: Chinese stir fried vegetables.

One glass red wine

Exercise: dog walking one hour. Did not manage yoga today

Meditation: 15 minutes

Felt very tired today after yesterday. This seems to be part of my chronic fatigue. I do something one day and am exhausted the next. Mood was medium. I forced myself to do housework and go to the shop. Pleased with the results. Not pleased with my lack of productivity. Felt I ate very healthily today so pleased about that. Proud that I am keeping up caffeine free. Had leg cramps from caffeine withdrawal and a mild headache. I am hoping I feel better when it ends. Trying to heal.