Book Review: The Mind Diet Maggie Moon

I have long been interested in healthy eating but also want to hang on to what remains of my marbles so when I saw this book it seemed ideal for me. It is easy to read and the science is well explained. There are recipes in the back.

It is basically a version of the Mediterranean diet. Meals are based around whole grains and vegetables. Nuts are encouraged as is a glass of red wine a day. Proteins come from fish and chicken and beans. Olive oil is used in copious amounts. Red meat and cheese is to be avoided.

I am going to have a go at a version of this. I don’t eat meat so I won’t be having the chicken. I am also not convinced that whole grains are right for me so I will be having only a little of these.

I will report back when I am eighty and see if I still have my mental faculties.


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