How To Play Your Singing Bowl


How To Play Your Singing Bowl

Singing bowls can be struck on the side like a gong. This can mark the passage of time. Hand hammered singing bowls have a lovely, long lasting, resonant tone. Most singing bowls can be played and made to sing by rubbing round the rim. There is an art to this which can be learned and improved. Some singing bowls are easier to play than others and different people prefer different bowls. It really is a matter of trial and error. I have found I can’t get some bowls to sing at all and others almost immediately.

I have found it is easier to play a bowl of smaller size by placing on the palm of your hand. Hold the rubbing stick like a pencil and start to rub the bowl slowly round the rim. Don’t go too fast. You can go clockwise or anti-clockwise. The singing bowl will soon start to sing. Larger bowls can be played by placing on a cushion.

The singing bowls sold on this site are from Kathmandu in Nepal. Each bowl is individually hand beaten in a small workshop. Our bowls are not tuned to a particular note. Each one is different. For every bowl sold a donation is given to HelpinAction which does humanitarian work in Nepal and Tibet.


Playing a small chopa hand hammered singing bowl YouTubelinks-l1600


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