Book Review. David Baldacci True Blue


3.0 out of 5 stars What is the big deal about thrillers then?

Format: Paperback
I have made an effort to get into thrillers but I kind of still don’t get why they are so popular. This is a very standard thriller format and apparently very successful. There is nothing wrong with it but it just didn’t really grab me. We meet Mace, recently out of prison, framed for a crime she didn’t commit. She is the standard modern feminist thriller female character. She is very strong, attractive, she works out, she doesn’t need anybody…You get the picture. She has no flaws, no insecurities, no weaknesses so she is completely uninteresting and unbelievable as a character. On her release she sets about solving a murder seeming to have unrestriced access to the crime scene in spite of being suspended from the force. The plot is quite interesting but again not very realistic. There is a brief love interest. There is action where Mace manages to trick a guy out of killing her. What a gal. It is simply written, fast paced with lots of dialogue. There is not much memorable prose here. The book is long and I ploughed doggedly through it more out of bloody mindedness than anything. I only read this because it was left in my house. Seasoned thriller readers will probably enjoy it. It has all the ingredients they seem to lap up. For me it didn’t hit the button but I am not really a thriller reader. They really have to be something special to grab my attention.