Yogi Cameron Diet – Week 5 Review

I had a health check this week as I am a new patient at the surgery. I am in perfect health according to the nurse. This is good news. She said I am not overweight but for myself I would like to lose about a stone. Frustratingly, I still haven’t lost any weight. I can’t blame Yogi Cameron though. I can only blame myself as I keep cheating.

The diet is the same as the other weeks. The spiritual emphasis is on not stealing. This doesn’t just mean actual stealing but other types like stealing a parking space. I must admit I don’t do this type of behaviour really so I can feel success in this area.

I have been feeling out of balance this week and as a result I have been eating far too much and I have drunk too much alcohol. I am feeling really annoyed with myself for my lack of willpower. I have been eating all healthy whole foods but just too much of them. I find myself ravenously hungry in the evening and that’s when I cheat by having a piece of bread.

I have had lots of thoughts from the past that make me feel bad. I think this is part of the healing process to get it all out of your head. It’s hard though. I have kept up my yoga, meditation and praying. I have slept well. I have had a reasonable amount of energy but not as much as I would like.

I need to get my head into the space where I follow the diet properly and then I can really evaluate it.


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