Yogi Cameron Diet – Week 4

I  am sticking with the Yogi Cameron Diet. Week 4 is really the same as Week 3. There is an emphasis on honesty and turning your ‘I can’t’ statements into ‘I can’. The diet is still fruit and vegetables with basmati rice. The largest meal is taken in the middle of the day and there is no eating in the evening.

I must admit to feeling really well this week. I have energy and a sense of well being. I have cheated as it was my wedding anniversary on Thursday so we went out and I had lunch in the UEA art gallery cafe. I had fish cakes so that was a Yogi Cameron no no. I also had wine on Thursday. In spite of this I still feel good. Unfortunately, I still haven’t lost any weight in spite of my vigorous yoga routine, jogging and healthy diet. This is puzzling to me.

All I can do is to be ever more draconian next week. Absolutely no cheating whatsoever. Just fruit and vegetables.

Here’s hoping.


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