Notes from the Old Chapel – Summer’s Bounty

I have been living at the Old Chapel for a month now. I have settled in really well and I am almost developing a routine.

The weather has been typically British with sunshine and showers. I have been caught in a downpour more than once. My fitness regime is going well with me up to 50 minutes jogging now which I manage on a circuit around the lanes. I have extended my yoga routing to include sun salutations and five Tibetan yoga moves for longevity. I have been meditating and praying every day.  Sundays I have a rest from exercise. It has all given me a sense of growing well being though I still have a way to go.

I have kept more or less to the Yogi Cameron diet with some cheating. I have eaten no processed food and been purely vegetarian.  I have had no caffeine. Bread and wine have been my downfall. Next week I need to find all of my will power and give up the wine. Mornings can be tricky as I have only been having a piece of fruit for breakfast. This leads to massive hunger pangs. I might have to look for something more substantial. I have managed a weekly organic vegetables delivery from Arthur’s Organics which is all locally produced food. I am really pleased about this as I think organic food is definitely healthier and better for the planet. Weight loss is slow but I have lost a kilo this week.

I have also been dog walking every day, twice a day and discovered a new walk. Didi is enjoying lounging in the garden. Sadly he chased the cat this morning so Monty is now sleeping in the utility room recovering from trauma. I wish I knew a dog whisperer.

It has been hard to garden because of all the rain. I have found the compost heap which seems mostly to be grass cuttings not doing a lot at the moment. I have added the kitchen scraps to it and will have to figure out how to get it going. I have tried to get an allotment in the nearest town but there is a waiting list for all of them. I am thinking of starting with some raised beds somewhere in the garden. I am not sure where to put them as the garden is full of shrubs.

On the writing front I have really been getting to grips with my novel and have written some every day. I am getting into the rhythm again and this feels good. My first novel is now available as a kindle book with new front cover and a re-edit. I am quite pleased with it but determined to make the second one better.

I have applied for various random local jobs with some trepidation but I would like to have some money again to pay for all the things I would like to do. I’ll see how it goes.

My confidence is growing slightly and I have been feeling optimistic. I have still been looking at the media but much less than I used to. I think it is more healthy not to have a constant stream of information but to ration it. I still need to develop more of a routine where I am more productive and treat my writing as a job.

There are still boxes to unpack but they are now confined to the spare room. The house is more orderly.

On Saturday night as it was the end of the month we went to the local town for a curry. There were lots of vegetarian options so I could keep to ayurvedic principles. It was very good classic Indian.

Today is glorious sunhine and I am at peace.

Shalom my friend.




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