Notes from the Old Chapel – Tractorameggodon

So I am settling in really well into the Old Chapel. Harvest is in full swing so tractors are rumbling by the house every five minutes. They have cut down some of the wheat and made the straw into bales. The rest is still ripening in the sun.

I seem to have been buying lots of wooden furniture as we don’t have enough. So much for trying to live simply. There seems to be an endless list of things I need to buy. I will have to look at more eco friendly options. I have bought an oak desk for me to do my writing on. I have set up my computer in the conservatory and my writing nook is looking pretty professional. I just need to get on with it now.

I have been pretty healthy, keeping to my diet, doing yoga, jogging every day and walking the dog for hours. I am finding it really easy to avoid caffeine now. I haven’t had any for weeks and I really don’t miss it. The headaches and leg pains have stopped so I feel pretty good. My energy levels have definitely improved and I am much more active than I used to be. Maddeningly I haven’t lost any weight so I will have to cut down again next week. I was annoyed with myself for weakening on Sunday and having wine. I also had rhubarb infused gin. Bad, bad, bad. This was because we went on a day trip to Sandringham. We just went in the country park and had a walk through the woods. My dog Didi had a great time. Woodland is his favourite habitat.

The weather has been amazingly warm and the sun has been out quite a bit. I love the sunshine. I have been sunbathing a little each day to get my vitamin D and I am now quite tanned.

Work wise I have updated my CV as I am tentatively having a foray into the world of work again. The very thought is scaring me. I have finally opened up my second novel on Word and I am working my way through what I have written so far. I really need to finish it.

My cat Monty has for some inexplicable reason decided he doesn’t want to go outside any more and is staying in the house all the time. This makes it difficult as he doesn’t get on with the dog so I have to keep them separate.

I have tentatively begun to garden. So far I have deadheaded some roses and cleaned a lot of green something or other from the surface of the pond. I found a dead baby bird in the pond. Poor thing. Samsarra.

I have kept my meditation sessions quite short but it is wonderful to be able to meditate in such a beautiful garden. A real feeling of peace descends.

This week I really need to get into a routine and write every day. I think  I need to treat it like a job and give myself breaks but otherwise write all day. It’s the only way. I also need to apply for jobs so I can feel like a productive member of society. I need to get over my fears.

The news has been awful with all these terrorist attacks. I feel more able to detach myself from it now so I don’t get so upset. I wish somebody knew what to do. I think on a personal level we just have to remember to be kind to each other. If everyone did this the world wouldn’t be in the state it’s in. I am working on myself first. Then I can help others.



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