Labour Leadership Election

As a member of the Labour Party soon I will have to vote in the Labour leadership election. There are now only two candidates: Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith.

I am totally at a loss. I don’t know who to vote for. I voted for Corbyn originally. Now I am not so sure. I think he is a good person with decent values. He still believes in socialism. He wants a fairer, more equal society. There is nothing wrong with this. However, even though he has massive support from the rank and file membership the Parliamentary Party will not support him. They have been busy mounting coups and stabbing him in the back while resigning from their positions. These MPs say Corbyn is unelectable but from where I’m standing they have made the party more unelectable by creating so much division. It all looks like a total shambles. If Corbyn doesn’t have the support of the MPs it all looks impossible. Even though I think he is a man of integrity I am not sure any more he is the right person to lead. He doesn’t handle the media well and he ducked out of the TV debates.

Up against him is Owen Smith. I have never heard of him until this past week. Who knows what he believes. I read that he used to lobby for a pharmaceutical company. This is not giving me hope. He is a Blairite. We have all had enough of Blair. We need clear water between the Tories and Labour, not Tories and Tory Lite which is exactly what we get with the Blairites.

So I am back to voting for Jeremy Corbyn.  I wish the whole party , MPs and members, could really get behind him, unite and build a social movement. It could be fantastic. I am not sure they are going to. If Corbyn wins and the MPs don’t want him I fear for the end of the Labour Party that I have supported all my life.

We live in dangerous times.




2 thoughts on “Labour Leadership Election

  1. Like you I voted for Corbyn. I still think he is a good man but if Labour get a blairite in, someone palatable to centre ground Tories, I believe that Labour could be in power within 18months. Few of the politicians wanted to leave the EU. Even the leave politicians are slightly scared they won’t be able to deliver what leave voters want. May’s strangely undemocratic positioning in the top job (she probably would have won a Tory leadership election?) gives fair reason for an early election allowing the nation a defacto in/out vote through either voting for Tories who will leave or a Labour/SNP coalition who will stay. I think for the benefit of the NI peace deal, security services know brexit can never happen in the way promised and I believe some forward thinking Tories accept they might have to take a hit to make sure it doesn’t happen. The only sticking point is Corbyn. For this to work Labour need someone progressive Tories will vote for, this is not Corbyn. This may sound far fetched but it is all pointing that way so far. Regardless of the game-play, the fact remains that I would take Labour in power with a blairite leader, over Labour in fragmented opposition to a Tory government any day of the week. For this reason I will be voting Smith.

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