Notes from The Old Chapel

It’s my second week living in the chapel. I am back on an even keel. I went back to the Yogi Cameron diet though I have cheated a little. I have hot lemon water on waking, then fruit, rice and vegetables for lunch and then a snack before 5 pm of rice cakes and peanut butter. I have been naughty this week eating sourdough bread and having a few glasses of wine. Also I had a crab paste sandwich in Old  Hunstanton. Today I made a gorgeous French stew with Mediterranean vegetables and beans. This was more healthy. Yogidom is still eluding me. I have done yoga and meditation every day. I have now started jogging for 30 mins each day around the lanes. I have done lots of dog walking exploring new paths so this has been a couple of hours a day. I have had no caffeine.

On the book front I am having a relaunch of my first book. I have a new front cover and marketing blurb. I have also paid for editing so I have now sent back the proofs and should soon have a new book.  I feel pleased with it. It looks more professional.

The weather has been changeable with lots of rain. I have managed to sit in the garden though during the sunny spells which is divine.

I have met one set of neighbours who seem very nice and nodded to quite a few people out dog walking. Dogs are big around here.

I am feeling pretty good over all. My hair, which has finally grown long again, feels incredibly soft and my skin is clear and tanned.  I have battled some negative thoughts but on the whole I have a sense of well being.

I am virtually unpacked now apart from the spare bedroom. I have bought new garden furniture and a new writing desk. The house is looking great.

In my journey to beat depression I am doing pretty well on the diet and exercise front. I am managing as well as I can on the sunshine front in this rainy island. Next week I need to stop the wine, write more and work on creating a new social life.

Looking forward, not back.


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