Moving House

On 28th June I moved into my new home and I seem to have been unpacking boxes ever since. My diet has gone to pot as has my exercise regime but today I am back on an even keel.

I really thought I had downsized but there seems to be an awful lot of things in boxes still. I think a lot of them belong to my husband. He has a thing about keeping old hi fi equipment that he never uses. He also has endless gym , cycling and sports paraphenalia. It must be a man thing.

The new house is a converted Primitive Methodist Chapel. It is oozing with character and situated in the heart of the countryside between two Norfolk market towns. I am getting used to Norfolk. It has a certain down home charm. People wear wellies to the pub. Most people say hello and smile. It feels old fashioned cosy, no frills, no pretensions.

The chapel is absolutely gorgeous. It has been tastefully converted. I have placed my computer for writing in the conservatory so I can look out at the garden.  It has an aura of calm. I feel like Mrs Tiggywinkle. I think I can be happy here.

I love the bathroom as having bubble baths in the middle of the day is one of life’s pleasures. Unfortunately every time I drain it I overflow the septic tank. Oops. I will have to figure something out about this.

Another downside is the road outside can be quite busy particularly at commuting times. I am getting used to the repeated hum of the traffic. Other noises are more rustic and much more pleasurable: next door’s horses whinnying and cockerels crowing. I keep waking up really early with the dawn light.

I feel different. I am calmer. I still have anxiety but it is lessening. Didi my dog is calmer. He doesn’t bark so much. There is less to bark at. I have walked him a lot down country lanes and footpaths. There is no common space for walking. This is where I miss the moorlands of the north. I am surrounded with farmland; enormous fields of wheat and rape. People keep saying that I live in the middle of nowhere but actually I don’t. There are huge farmhouses, converted barns and small cottages everywhere. The countryside round here is more populous than you would think.

I love the chapel. It has a good atmosphere. I think it is the first house I have bought with my heart and not my head.

The heart seeks pleasure first.


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