New Back Cover blurb for my novel

Orla is slipping out of her life. She has become disillusioned with her work as a teacher. She’s having an affair with a married man. She’s beginning to have inappropriate feelings for one of her high school students. Her life is headed on a path of destruction.

This haunting portrait of a woman’s struggle with depression and forbidden desires is not for the faint-hearted. Orla certainly isn’t the sunny, optimistic protagonist of a traditional romantic comedy. She’s more complicated than that. Her choices are her own, and she follows her heart without thought to the collateral damage.

Pearlcasting is an intricately plotted study of one woman’s desperation and the devastating effects her actions have on her life. But it also considers how the bleakness of loss can lead to redemption. This dark novel will challenge your preconceptions about life and ultimately leave you with more questions than answers.


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