Yogi Cameron diet – Energy

Well today was probably the best I have felt on this diet. I had quite a restless night due to the usual aching legs but by the morning the pain had gone. I did a lot of exercise and felt well. I was optimistic and happy. The sun was mostly shining and I think this does have a great effect on me. I kept to my diet. I have also begun taking Femergy tablets which contain maca, ginseng and ginkgo biloba. I am not sure if it’s the diet, the lack of caffeine or the tablets but my energy levels have improved.  I also managed to write a synopsis of my book. Feeling good!

Food and exercise:

On waking: lemon water

Breakfast: skyr yoghurt with flax seeds and chia seeds with a teaspoon of honey.

One hour dog walk.

Half hour yoga session. Meditation.

Half hour HIT cardio session – it was tough.

Lunch: crushed potatoes and haricot beans with butter. Banana. Hot marmite.

Two hour dog walk.

Dinner: two rice cakes and peanut butter.


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