The Yogi Cameron Diet – Week One Review

I have been on the Yogi Cameron diet for nearly a week now. I am determined to stick with it as  a complete lifestyle change. I want to live according ayurvedic principles in order to gain good health and higher spiritual awareness.

It hasn’t been easy. I have had headaches and leg muscle pains. I think this is mostly due to the caffeine withdrawal.

The diet emphasises fruit, vegetables and grains. There is no alcohol, cigarettes or caffeine allowed. I have stuck to it pretty faithfully. I am working on the principle it is going to get worse before it gets better.

I mostly had fruit in the morning, a vegetable curry and rice for lunch and a light dinner such as fruit or more rice. So far I have only lost a pound over the week. My weight fluctuated but this morning I am still 58.8 kg. I am disappointed that I have not lost more but I am determined not to give up like I have so many times in the past.

Today was Sunday so I had a treat and went to my favourite curry house, Orissa. I had pineapple curry and rice with dahl and saag paneer. It was very gorgeous. As it was such a big blow out I have not had any dinner.

I have been thinking about how to lose more weight next week and have decided to cut  my portion sizes down and introduce more exercise as well as yoga.

My mood was very good today and my energy level was medium. This is the best I have felt all week.

Food and exercise:

On waking at six: hot water

Dog walk for an hour.

Breakfast: banana

Lunch: Pineapple curry and rice, dahl, saag paneer. Two fruit juice non-alcoholic cocktails.

Dog walk for an hour.

Dinner: none

Meditation and yoga.

I drank hot and cold water throughout the day.

Spiritually, I was thinking about non-violence and meditating on the question: Do I call people names?




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