Caffeine withdrawal -Diet for Healing – The Yogi Cameron diet


So yesterday was  a rough day. I decided to give up caffeine – go completely cold turkey. I had headaches and a feeling of lethargy and unreality. I know it’s going to be tough to withdraw from caffeine but I am determined as I think the benefits will be worth it. I really need to get rid of my chronic fatigue and I think being caffeine free may really help.

I have bought Yogi Cameron’s book: the One diet and I have read about a third of it. I realise in order to completely heal myself I will have to work on the mind as well as the body.

I really liked the idea of practising non-violence towards yourself and others. This includes negative self talk. This is something I really need to work on.

He recommends spending five minutes a day working on your can’ts and making them into cans.

Mine was: I can write.

Diet and exercise:

Morning: warm water and lemon

Dog walk: one hour

Breakfast: strawberries. Apparently fruit doesn’t go with yoghurt so I had to ditch that.

Meditation and yoga

Honey and lemon drink

Lunch: potato and carrot curry with peanut sauce and white rice. These were the only organic vegetables left before my next delivery.

Lemon, cinnamon and honey drink

Dog walk: half an hour

Dinner: white rice fried with ginger.

Snack: dates

I lost a pound overnight. Progress!

I was not productive. I had some energy in the morning but by the evening it had disappeared. I was reduced to lying on the sofa watching TV. I did a lot of reading.

I think there is proably too much honey in my diet so I will have to work towards cutting that out.

I was gaining clarity on the things that are wrong with my life but still struggling for answers. Overall a pretty rough day but I am hoping to push through it and feel better in the end.


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