Overcoming depression. Developing gratitude.

In the many articles I have read about depression developing gratitude is a common theme in getting better.

It’s something I have been traditionally bad at. I have always tended to be striving for better things rather than being grateful for what I have. This is too much ego. I need to defeat the ego in order to feel more spiritual.

Christian prayers are full of gratitude. Be thankful for our daily bread. I think this is a good sentiment to nurture.

So what can I be grateful for?

I live in England. We are a rich, safe nation.

I live in peace.

I have a comfortable home.

I have a husband who looks after me.

I have a dog and a cat to love.

I have enough food to eat.

I have time to do the things that interest me.

I have a very good education.

I have books to read.

I have a computer and I can look up anything on the internet.

I am surrounded by nature and I can walk in it every day.

I have opportunities.

I have gratitude for all these things.

Today I was grateful for beauty. There are so many wildflowers in the long grass today: poppies, buttercups, daisies, mayweed. They are all so beautiful and so simple. They are free for everyone to see. I am grateful for birds. I have housemartins nesting under the eaves. There is new life everywhere.

Thank you for all of these things. Meditating on gratitude brings a sense of peace. This is not a quick fix but concentration on this can help a sense of well being. I must practise gratitude every day.

Thank the Lord for dappled things. Gerald Manley Hopkins




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