Why don’t I write?

I have been attempting to write my second novel for over a year now. It’s slow progress. There are many days I don’t write anything. Why? At the moment I don’t even have a day job. There is no reason not to write. But I don’t. I have already written one novel so I can kind of do it. I have plenty of time. I have a shiny new Apple Mac to write on.

I procrastinate. I exercise, cook, go for walks. I even occasionally do house work. I read a lot. But I don’t write.

I feel like I am being paralysed. I am up to my neck in quicksand. Why don’t I write?

I suppose I was so disappointed at the failure to get a publisher for my novel that I have lost confidence. I did self publish but I don’t feel like a proper writer. I think that is the problem. I am not a proper writer. I don’t have a proper job. There is something in our culture and in my mind that does not regard writing as a serious activity. I am just messing about. I should be working. I think of working as doing something you hate for money.

I need to get out of this mindset. I need to change the way I think about it. I need to take myself seriously and respect myself.

I will write every day. For the rest of my life. Even if it’s only a blog post or a journal entry.

I will write every day.


2 thoughts on “Why don’t I write?

  1. When you came up with the idea for that second novel, something got you pumped about it. What was it? While you’re walking or whatever, start thinking about all those really cool scenes that you came up with for your novel, the ones that got you excited to write it.

    This method isn’t a cure-all or anything, but it helps me sometimes.

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