Book Review Depression is a Liar Danny Baker

I bought this for Kindle as it kept popping up on my Facebook feed with some quite interesting articles. It is really four books in one. The first book is an autobiographical account of the author’s depression. Danny is growing up in Australia from a privileged family. He is attending university and writing his first novel. He seems to have everything going for him yet he becomes suicidally depressed. His depression becomes so bad he has to be hospitalised at one point. Through medication and therapy he gets better and we learn the causes of his depression.

The second, third and fourth books in the series are self-help manuals to help you overcome depression with lots of practical advice.

I particularly enjoyed the first book where Danny so honestly describes how he felt during his depression. Such openness is refreshing and depression seems to be becoming less of a taboo subject now. The self-help books are clearly written and contain much that is useful. The big message is to get help. Do not suffer in silence. He advocates medication if necessary, therapy, healthy eating and exercise, lots of sleep, sunshine and removing toxic people from your life. There is a lot about retraining your mind to think more positively. The author has apparently made a full recovery and is now healthy and happy so this is a hopeful book.

I think this book could really help people. My only caveat is that it sometimes reads as a little glib. Do this and you will be fine. I know from my own experience that depression is not as simple as this. I can go for months with the whole healthy thing and then have a relapse. For some people, managing their depression is more tricky. However, I am willing to give the advice in the book a go and see if I can finally like myself into shape. You never know. I feel better already.


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