Book Review: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I very much enjoyed this book. It opens with Elizabeth Gilbert lying on her bathroom floor in her New York apartment in despair about her marriage. She appears to have everything: a successful writing career, a Manhattan apartment, a country house and a supportive husband. She is deeply unhappy. After a messy and stressful divorce she starts a voyage of self discovery by taking a year off to travel. She begins in Italy where she eats and drinks to excess and meets a lovely Italian family.Eating is the first part of healing herself as she leaves her skinny New York figure behind. Then she travels to India to stay in an ashram. This was my favourite part of the book. At first Elizabeth finds meditation really challenging but she masters the art and has an amazing metaphysical experience. Finally she travels to Bali and learns wisdom from a traditional medicine man. Here she learns about balance and learns to combine the different aspects of her personality. She falls in love with a handsome older Brazilian man so there is even the fairy tale happy ending.

I felt a kinship with Elizabeth though she is a much richer, prettier and more confident version of me. The book is a breeze to read and often very funny. I loved how candid she is about how she feels and sitting here in cynical Britain it was refreshing to read someone talking about their personal search for God so candidly. There are no new truths here as everything can be found in spiritual texts already of course but this take on it was great fun aswell as enlightening.

I found the book quite inspirational. Maybe I’ll be taking a spiritual trip sometime soon.


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