My Rescue Dog

The best thing I have done this year is to get a dog. I got him from a charity called Safe Rescue Dogs Needing Homes which is a small private charity. I chose him because I saw a video of him on Facebook which the charity had placed. I went to see him at his foster carers in Norfolk where he was living with a few other rescue dogs. He put his head in my lap and looked up at me imploringly. Instantly I knew he was the one for me. It was love at fist sight. Don’t believe the naysayers who say it doesn’t exist!

He was rescued from Romania where he had been abandoned on the street. He came with a passport and all his vaccinations. He has also had the snip. He cost me two hundred pounds, a bargain in my view. Unfortunately he is called Dodo. This has connotations to me and I keep thinking of dead birds so I have changed his name to Didi. This reminds me of Didi Ramone which is slightly more pleasant.

Didi has an absolutely gorgeous face attached to a slightly strange body which doesn’t seem to match. He bulges out a lot at the front of his belly and tapers off. I was told he was part miniature pinscher but most people say he has the head of a chihuahua though he is much bigger. Who knows? He is certainly unusual. He had been run over by a car in Romania so he has one back leg which he doesn’t really use. He can sure move on three though. He has a big hunting instinct and loves to chase birds and squirrels though he has yet to catch anything.

We are now virtually inseparable. I take him most everywhere with me. He is a great character and makes me laugh quite a bit. Once when I was singing to him he put his paws over his ears and gave me a look as if to say don’t give up the day job. On holiday I was worried he hadn’t been exercised enough and was playing fetch with him in the cottage garden in the rain. He took the ball, ran with it, thought stuff this and was found waiting for me on the cottage steps. We have walked together all over the place, forests being his favourite habitat. He is not too keen on water and won’t even get his feet wet in the sea.

He is not without issues. He chases my cat which is a problem I have yet to resolve. I may need to take professional advice about this. He does have separation anxiety and he barks a lot at every sound outside the house. I think a lot of this is due to worrying and due to mistreatment in early life. I have set about a training programme with him with slow but steady results. He can respond to some basic commands and does come when he’s called – most of the time.

I would recommend a rescue dog to anyone if you have the time to spend. As someone who washes in and out of depression he has been a godsend to me. He gives me a reason to get up in the morning, love and companionship and makes me feel needed and useful. I wouldn’t go as far as to say he has cured me as working on myself is a lifelong project for me but he has certainly helped me a lot. We need each other. Here’s hoping to lots of happiness ahead. Cheers little buddy!




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