Book Review: Victoria Hislop The Sunrise

This was an historical novel charting the progress of two families during the time of the partition of Cyprus. One of the families is Greek Cypriot and one is Turkish. The book begins with the idyllic life of many in an upmarket beach resort. This is destroyed by the Turkish invasion and subsequent partition. We follow the fortunes of several individuals during this time.

The book explores familiar themes of reversal of fortune, people not being what they seem, lust being mistaken for love and the capriciousness of fate.

I quite enjoyed this book though it is difficult to place. It is really too heavy for a light holiday read and yet not heavy enough for a true literary great work. The characters seemed to lack depth so I struggled to care about them. I enjoyed the descriptions of the hotel and the island. The prose was sometimes a little clunky and amateurish. Sometimes it read like a first draft. This surprised me. Yet another book that sold well for reasons I can’t quite fathom.


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