The Battle for Number 10 Ch4 Milliband, Cameron and Paxman

So the election 2015 is approaching and I am trying to persuade myself that I am interested, engaged and that I care.

Ch 4 got the ball rolling with ‘The Battle for No 10’ last night. It wasn’t a head to head between Cameron and Milliband as I expected but an interview with Paxman and then questions from the audience. The politicians were kept apart like prizefighters before a match.

Cameron was his usual self. I felt my eyes glaze over as he started to speak.Hard working families…snore. he did manage to get a reference in to his dead child as he does in every interview. Tasteless. It is hard to believe that he is the Prime Minister, this oleaginous PR man. Ugh. Paxman grilled him efficiently but he didn’t really go for the jugular. Cameron had the air of someone going through the motions, not caring any more.

Kay Burley gazed at Cameron adoringly. I had never come across her before as I don’t watch Sky news. I liked her pink dress. I didn’t like anything else about her. She seemed a bit dim and biased against Milliband.

Milliband did well. Paxman decided to go for the personal insults. This is the level of British politics. Ed handled it well. Yes he is geeky. Most intelligent people are. It’s no big deal. He seemed to genuinely care about Britain and its people. He even managed some passion with the “Hell yes, I’m tough enough” retort. I liked him. He’s no Winston Churchill but our leaders these days seem to lack gravitas across the board. When it came to audience questions Burly started chipping in from the side in a way she didn’t with Cameron. Obvious bias again. The same old questions recycled over and over – socialism, his brother…yawn.

So I was entertained and almost enthused. Ed has 98% of the media stacked against him but he is a battler. Go Ed! You’re tough enough.


2 thoughts on “The Battle for Number 10 Ch4 Milliband, Cameron and Paxman

    • Yes but there doesn’t seem to be one. I would be interested in a new one on the Left but can’t see one. I kind of like the Greens but they tend to blow it in interviews.

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