Book Review of Harriet by Jilly Cooper

My Review

Jul 01, 2014

rating 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this. It’s quite old, first published in 1976. It’s refreshing to read about everyone smoking and drinking like crazy. It is really an old-fashioned romance. The sex which takes place is not described so erotica fans would be disappointed. It has lots of stereotypical elements but this does not detract from it being a fun, easy read. Harriet is at Oxford when she is deflowered by the ghastly arrogant actor Simon who reminded me strongly of another Simon I have known. Accidentally pregnant she decides to keep the baby and is disowned by everyone. Desperate, she takes a nannying job in Yorkshire to look after the children of a moody writer. She is introduced to the country hunting set with many hilarious moments. Spoiler alert: after many twists and turns the ending is delightfully happy but you knew that already 😉 .


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