Book Review The State We’re In Adele Parks

First off I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I downloaded it because I saw Adele Parks at The London Author Fair and her segment was witty, informative and interesting.

I was expecting an easy read chick lit type book and it was that but so much more. It starts predictably enough with a dippy Bridget Jones type character who is unlucky in love but incurably romantic and optimistic. She is bumped up to first class while travelling on a plane to Chicago to ruin her ex’s wedding where she is seated next to an unfeasibly good looking advertising executive. So the relationship begins.

As the book develops there is more than the romance. The back stories of the characters are fascinating and their family stories turn out to be interlinked. The ending is not quite what you expect. There are some very poignant scenes which reveal some sad truths about life.

Well worth a look.


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