Update on my work in progress

My second novel is a kind of literary romance. The action starts in Manchester where Molly falls in love with an Asian boy at university. In spite of obstacles they fall in love and marry. Molly converts to Islam and finds comfort in it. Everything is perfect until Taj, the husband, loses his job. He becomes increasingly distant, spending a lot of time at the mosque and at the houses of friends. One day he joins an aid convoy to Syria and is never heard from again. Molly sets out to find him herself. She does find him but he is not the person she fell in love with. He has become a Jihadi freedom fighter. Molly, desperate to make things work out, joins him and even learns how to fight. Nabeel, a comrade of Taj, declares his love to Molly and asks her to run away with him, leaving the horrors of Syria behind? What will Molly choose to do?


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