Day 4 Live below the Line for UNICEF

I had a pretty sleepless night feeling restless and suffering with muscle aches. I had to get up several times for glasses of water as I felt very dehydrated.

I got up early and forced myself to do yoga. It did help my aches.
Then meditation and morning prayers were performed. I felt better.

Thursday is my husband’s day off so it is the day I have human company.

I made oat pancakes for breakfast. Then I read the papers and watched Russia Today.

Lunch was a banana sandwich.

We drove to Woodbridge which is a lovely Suffolk town and rambled about. I had to resist popping into the many coffee shops and pubs. Normally we would have stopped for lunch.

For dinner I made a burger out of mashed kidney beans and grated carrots.  I had this with a baked potato. I had enough mix left over for a burger tomorrow.

In the evening I watched the news and then read. I still had aches in my legs but my headache was virtually gone.

I was thinking again how poverty makes you look at other people differently. You feel a alienated from most people as they are all out and about spending money. There was a Big Issue seller in Wood bridge and I so wanted to give her some money but of course if I was truly poor I wouldn’t be able to.

My mood was reasonably good throughout the day.
One more day to go!


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