Live below the Line Day 2 Fundraising for UNICEF

It is Day 2 of my challenge to live on a pound a day for five days.

I was woken at six by the cat who wanted a cuddle. I started the day with a mug of hot water. I did half an hour’s yoga, meditation and prayers. Then I read the papers and social media.

Breakfast was two slices of wholemeal toast with oil with water. The wholemeal bread is the really cheap variety so does not taste as good as my home made.

My mood was nowhere near as good as yesterday’s. I felt tearful and had gloomy thoughts. My caffeine withdrawal headache kicked in and was at points unbearable.  I kept drinking water.

I spent the morning reading and doing light housework. I didn’t feel up to work at all.

Lunch was a baked potato with half a can of baked beans.

I went for a ramble around my local area for half an hour.

In the afternoon I had to go for a nap as my headache was so bad.

I read some more.

Dinner was home made carrot soup – carrots, water and parsley from the garden whizzed in the blender. It was the tastiest thing I had all day. You really come to appreciate how good simple foods taste.

I watched the news and went to bed early.
It was a tough day but not as tough as many in the world have to put up with every day. I am pleased I am clearing my system of the drug caffeine.


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