Day 3 Live Below The Line for UNICEF £1 a day

So it was the third day of my attempt to live on £1 a day for UNICEF.

I woke up still with a slight headache from caffeine withdrawal. Thankfully this got better throughout the day. I also had achey legs.

Breakfast was a mug of hot water and dry toast.

I did half an hour’s gentle yoga, meditation and prayers. This made me feel so much better.

I spent the morning reading their papers and internet surfing. I should have been writing but I was feeling weird.

Lunch was pasta with tomato sauce. I made the tomato sauce with half a tin of tomatoes and fresh parsley. The flat leaf Italian parsley loves growing in our garden. It’s gone crazy.

I had a long afternoon walk and then it was so beautifully sunny I sat in the garden for a while and read.

Dinner was rice with chilli kidney beans and carrots. I really appreciated this meal.

It’s funny when you restrict your diet you become obsessed with food. The whole day revolves around meal times. I have been dreaming about crusty white bread and butter for some reason.
In general, I felt a lot better than yesterday. I didn’t need a nap and my head was better. I felt very grateful for all my blessings.


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