Living Below The Line Living on £1 a day for UNICEF Day 1

Woke up early and had hot water. I usually have coffee so this was a shock to the system. I am worried about a caffeine withdrawal headache as I have had one before on a detox diet and it wasn’t pleasant.
Breakfast was oatmeal porridge made with water and a pinch of cinnamon from the store cupboard. It was pretty bland but comforting and filling.
I did half an hour of gentle yoga and meditation and felt quite energised afterwards. I performed morning prayers as part of my spiritual practice.
Mid morning snack was a banana.
Housework and writing tasks.
Lunch: Baked potato with a drizzle of oil.
I reflected how lucky I am to be able to do this at home. It must be really difficult to have to do packed lunches at work.
Sitting in the hazy sunshine in the garden I thought about all the people who have to live on little money all the time. They never have a break, never get a treat. It would be wearing and joyless. What I am doing is of course artificial as I have a lovely home, running tap water and cooking facilities. I hope it raises awareness at least.
I made mint tea from the mint in the garden. I have been drinking water throughout the day and so far no caffeine headache. Success!
The afternoon was spent writing my CV and attempting unsuccessfully to print it.
Dinner: Rice and curried baked beans.
So when I worked out the costings I was below £1 – probably about 70p.
I was feeling quite elated that I had made it through the first day and I had a good feeling that I was taking practical action to help people.
I got three donations so achieved £70 on the first day for UNICEF.
Husband came in and fixed the printer. I spent the evening relaxing with the TV.
It struck me how isolating it is to be poor. You can’t go out to eat or even sit in a coffee shop. It is humbling. It was also apparent that though I had bought a lot of food for my five pounds it was very carbohydrate based. Poor people cannot eat a balanced diet and their health will suffer because of it.
I had a sense of well being and didn’t feel tired.
A good day!


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