Day 3 Live Below The Line for UNICEF £1 a day

So it was the third day of my attempt to live on £1 a day for UNICEF.

I woke up still with a slight headache from caffeine withdrawal. Thankfully this got better throughout the day. I also had achey legs.

Breakfast was a mug of hot water and dry toast.

I did half an hour’s gentle yoga, meditation and prayers. This made me feel so much better.

I spent the morning reading their papers and internet surfing. I should have been writing but I was feeling weird.

Lunch was pasta with tomato sauce. I made the tomato sauce with half a tin of tomatoes and fresh parsley. The flat leaf Italian parsley loves growing in our garden. It’s gone crazy.

I had a long afternoon walk and then it was so beautifully sunny I sat in the garden for a while and read.

Dinner was rice with chilli kidney beans and carrots. I really appreciated this meal.

It’s funny when you restrict your diet you become obsessed with food. The whole day revolves around meal times. I have been dreaming about crusty white bread and butter for some reason.
In general, I felt a lot better than yesterday. I didn’t need a nap and my head was better. I felt very grateful for all my blessings.


Live below the Line Day 2 Fundraising for UNICEF

It is Day 2 of my challenge to live on a pound a day for five days.

I was woken at six by the cat who wanted a cuddle. I started the day with a mug of hot water. I did half an hour’s yoga, meditation and prayers. Then I read the papers and social media.

Breakfast was two slices of wholemeal toast with oil with water. The wholemeal bread is the really cheap variety so does not taste as good as my home made.

My mood was nowhere near as good as yesterday’s. I felt tearful and had gloomy thoughts. My caffeine withdrawal headache kicked in and was at points unbearable.  I kept drinking water.

I spent the morning reading and doing light housework. I didn’t feel up to work at all.

Lunch was a baked potato with half a can of baked beans.

I went for a ramble around my local area for half an hour.

In the afternoon I had to go for a nap as my headache was so bad.

I read some more.

Dinner was home made carrot soup – carrots, water and parsley from the garden whizzed in the blender. It was the tastiest thing I had all day. You really come to appreciate how good simple foods taste.

I watched the news and went to bed early.
It was a tough day but not as tough as many in the world have to put up with every day. I am pleased I am clearing my system of the drug caffeine.

Living Below The Line Living on £1 a day for UNICEF Day 1

Woke up early and had hot water. I usually have coffee so this was a shock to the system. I am worried about a caffeine withdrawal headache as I have had one before on a detox diet and it wasn’t pleasant.
Breakfast was oatmeal porridge made with water and a pinch of cinnamon from the store cupboard. It was pretty bland but comforting and filling.
I did half an hour of gentle yoga and meditation and felt quite energised afterwards. I performed morning prayers as part of my spiritual practice.
Mid morning snack was a banana.
Housework and writing tasks.
Lunch: Baked potato with a drizzle of oil.
I reflected how lucky I am to be able to do this at home. It must be really difficult to have to do packed lunches at work.
Sitting in the hazy sunshine in the garden I thought about all the people who have to live on little money all the time. They never have a break, never get a treat. It would be wearing and joyless. What I am doing is of course artificial as I have a lovely home, running tap water and cooking facilities. I hope it raises awareness at least.
I made mint tea from the mint in the garden. I have been drinking water throughout the day and so far no caffeine headache. Success!
The afternoon was spent writing my CV and attempting unsuccessfully to print it.
Dinner: Rice and curried baked beans.
So when I worked out the costings I was below £1 – probably about 70p.
I was feeling quite elated that I had made it through the first day and I had a good feeling that I was taking practical action to help people.
I got three donations so achieved £70 on the first day for UNICEF.
Husband came in and fixed the printer. I spent the evening relaxing with the TV.
It struck me how isolating it is to be poor. You can’t go out to eat or even sit in a coffee shop. It is humbling. It was also apparent that though I had bought a lot of food for my five pounds it was very carbohydrate based. Poor people cannot eat a balanced diet and their health will suffer because of it.
I had a sense of well being and didn’t feel tired.
A good day!

Book Review Dominion CJ Sansom

So I don’t always read love stories. I love gritty thrillers and Dominion is certainly one of those. We are introduced to a dystopian world of 1950s Britain where the Nazis won the war. Britain is now a satellite state of Germany with fascists in power. Churchill is in hiding, heading the Resistance. The atmosphere of a grim, downtrodden London is wonderfully evoked with foggy peasoupers aplenty. Civil servant, David, has started to work for the resistance and is given the task of getting his old university scientist friend Frank to the USA before the Germans find his secrets.
This is a chunky well written novel which builds suspense slowly but then becomes more fast paced towards the end. The characters have depth and are credible. The sense of place is wonderful. I really enjoyed this book.

Book Review Wait for Me Elisabeth Naughton

This was a fun and entertaining read. It is a mixture of romance and psychological thriller. The plot was fast paced and exciting though it stretched the bounds of credibility at points. Though I enjoyed it I found the writing style a bit over simple. The phrase “raked her hands through her hair” is repeated so often it becomes irritating. Still worth a read for lovers of romantic suspense.