Book Review Poppy Day Amanda Prowse

Poppy Day is a hairdresser who lives in Walthamstow, East London. She is married to a soldier serving in Afghanistan. The book opens with Poppy being informed by the Army that her husband is missing in action, presumed kidnapped by rebels. Astoundingly, Poppy decides to set out to find him and bring him home.
I was drawn to this novel by the idea of a Romance set against a backdrop of war as I have been toying with writing on this theme. I liked the main character Poppy though I found the convenient tweeness of her name to be a little grating. The author is good on the domestic scenes of Poppy’s life in London but when the action turns to Afghanistan it starts to get sketchy as if Prowse has not been there herself. The layers of the British class system are well explored sometimes a little stereotypically. Poppy’s life sometimes reads like an episode of EastEnders.
Though I enjoyed it I was let down by the writing style which was too casual for me. There were characters with “fat arses” and people described as “chavs”. It could have done with tweaking by a good editor.


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