Book Review Unbound #1 Jasinda Wilder

Unbound (The Preacher’s Son, #1) 
by Jasinda Wilder

read in March, 2014

My rating: 3/5

This review is from: The Preacher’s Son #1: Unbound (Kindle Edition)

I have never actually read one of these erotic kindle novellas before. I quite enjoyed it. The sex was graphically described and the whole book is really just one long sex scene. It was a little like a porn film written down. I think the author is a reasonably good writer but it was just way too short for me. There is no depth of characterisation which makes the whole thing too flimsy. I am intrigued to read more of them to see if they are all similar. I think I would prefer to read a full-length novel from this author. I did download it for free so can’t complain about the price. I am not a prude but I just like a bit more romance with my sex. Just an old fashioned girl looking for an old fashioned millionaire.


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