review of Pearlcasting

By Diana L

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

The title of this book caught my attention. When I read the first line I knew I would like this book as that very first line reminded me of a similar line that I have often said regarding when I met my husband (except in my case I have often said he came with the Spring).

I liked the characters and also the unusual names.
Orla was beautifully created by the author. Her cat Grimalkin was a nice addition to the story. I felt Orla bared her soul in this book, the failed romances that she recalled made her even more real as she wades through her daily job at a boarding school. Just under the surface I could sense her constant pushing down feelings of panic that she would never find true love.

Perhaps those feelings created the weaknesses that snowballed into events later in this story. I’m not going to give any spoilers but this story took a curveball twist that I simply didn’t see coming – but wow what a twist it was- that comes later in the story though.

When Nathaniel entered the story I wanted to see Orla finally find the right one.

Along with Nathaniel come changes and those changes move Orla to make decisions. Those decisions add other characters to this story.

I was quite impressed with this story and the totally unexpected twists. I won’t gave you even one spoiler but I suggest you read this story as I think you will feel the same as I do after reading it- this book really stands out.

Impressive read.

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